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Key Tasks

Government of Karnataka


  1. Formulation and review of policy measures
  2. General administration of policy measures
  3. Co-ordination between various departments for facilitating project implementation
  4. Performance evaluation

Infrastructure Development Departmentassisted by KSIIDC, GoK

  1. co-ordination of policy level initiatives;
  2. assistance to SHLCC and SLSWA for evaluation of all Infrastructure Project proposals to be implemented through PPP;
  3. to establish a Policy Wing to manage all activities related to policy, technical, legal and such other matters related to PPP projects. The Policy Wing will be managed by suitably qualified and experienced persons.
  4. to act as a nodal agency to the Government in the development of PPP policies and programmes, and make suitable recommendations to the Government for its consideration and adoption;
  5. to conceptualise and identify Projects and ensure their conformance to the objectives of the State;
  6. to advise the Government as the case may be, on the project and give recommendations or suggestions;
  7. to encourage participation of private sector persons in financing, construction, maintenance and operation of projects;
  8. to co-ordinate between inter departmental/ agencies of the Government;
  9. to monitor the competitive bidding process and suo-moto proposals and provide for course correction, if required;
  10. to prioritise projects to be undertaken and prepare an inventory of projects to be taken up for implementation;
  11. to identify inter-sectoral linkages;
  12. to setup an Appraisal Cell to make recommendations in matters of promoting of infrastructural projects needing Central Government interventions or clearance;
  13. review and approve or disapprove project proposals and other considerations;
  14. review and suggest amendments and modifications to Concession Agreements on the basis of Value-for-Money and similar considerations;
  15. to decide financial support under the Karnataka Viability Gap Fund Scheme and approve allocation of the Fund for Projects;
  16. to approve scale and scope of a suo-moto proposal or project undertaken through Swiss-Challenge Approach and to recommend modifications of a non-financial nature, if required;
  17. to resolve issues relating to project approval process;
  1. to co-ordinate with Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, GOI, in matters pertaining to approval of VGF under the scheme
  2. to co-ordinate with Central Government ministries/departments/agencies with  regard to the implementation of the this including monitoring program in attracting private sector involvement in infrastructure and evaluation of the implementation plan from time to time.

     r. not being inconsistent to other applicable laws, prescribe time limits for clearances  for any project and assist the concessionaire in obtaining statutory and other clearances and approvals in a timely manner;

    s. to review periodically the status of clearances;

    t. to develop model documents/agreements for the Infrastructure Sectors recommend projects for grant of viability gap fund under the relevant scheme(s) of Government of India;

    v. review and monitor PPP projects during implementation, execution, operation and management; administer and manage the Fund and its assets;

State High Level Clearance Committee

Facilitate and approve PPP projects over Rs. 500crore

State Level Single Window Agency

Facilitate, coordinate and scrutinise all PPP projects and approve projects up to Rs.500crore.

District PPP Committee

  1. Facilitate project identification, development & implementation
  2. Facilitate co-ordination between various departments
  3. Facilitate obtaining clearances and approvals


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